Why Aren’t Guitar Tabs Free?

Accurate Guitar Tabs Are Worth Paying For.

Copyright laws

Why aren't guitar tabs free? First of all, copyright laws.

To legally distribute tablature, you have to get permission, and pay royalties to copyright holders.

It can get quite complicated, and expensive, to offer legal guitar tabs - that's why I upload my newest tabs each week to MusicNotes.com. They are taking care of all of the copyright challenges, and offer guitar players a simple website, with PDF downloads, and an easy-to-use app.

Copyright laws are complicated.

Accurate tabs can save you time and frustration

Searching through free tab sites isn't a lot of fun sometimes. We've all been there.

Navigating through pages of search results, visiting various tab sites, then opening page-after-page of incorrect tabs. Not to mention the ads and popups you have to avoid.

Free tabs are also often made incomplete, or made by beginners - there's a reason these files are free. You can avoid this painful experience for just a few dollars (and support the Mr. Tabs channel!).

Searching Google for an accurate Tornado of Souls tab

Support the creators

Everyone likes free stuff, but creators want to make a living. By purchasing my tabs through MusicNotes, you will get the best tabs possible, and a small portion goes to this channel - helping us make more free videos and accurate tabs in the future.

Professional transcribers spend a lot of time, effort, and skill creating accurate tabs. And, while some free tabs may be inaccurate or incomplete, accurate tabs are worth paying for.

Thank you for all of the support for the channel so far!

Thanks for the support.

Get a 50% discount

The kind folks at MusicNotes offers the Mr. Tabs Patreon community a 50% discount!

Each month a new promo code is available for my Patrons. My library has grown to over 140 tabs - with new ones added every Monday, to go along with the newest video uploaded to the Mr Tabs Youtube channel.

Patrons also get perks like tone screenshots, isolated backing tracks, discord access and more.

My weekly lesson package of backing tracks, tone screenshots and tab discounts is available for Patrons only.
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