Hotel California

By: The Eagles

Hey everyone.  I’m happy to finally get this out there after so many requests.   I want to fill you all in with some special notes about the video.

I purchased the guitar specifically for this video.  Because of a limited budged, I decided to get a cheap replica.  Upon receiving it in the mail, the guitar was an absolute nightmare to play.  It took a lot of work to actually get it to sound decent for the video.  The screws holding the tuning pegs were stripped, the tuning pegs were not even symmetrical, the truss rod was buried deep within the neck, and the wiring done for the pickups was a catastrophe.  The word “Harley” was also not what I requested on the headstock.  That’s only the tip of the iceberg of what was actually wrong but in any case, I contacted the manufacturer and they refunded me the whole cost and told me to keep the guitar.  I’m also glad that my guitar tech was able to do a decent job on getting it to a level where it was actually playable.  Thanks a lot Ward!

I’m overall very satisfied with the guitar tone.  I used Amplitube for the clean and lead parts.  It is in my opinion the best amp simulator out there and Amplitube MAX has absolutely everything that I need for my channel.  They have some amazing deals happening and if you are interested, there are links in my description.  The links are affiliate so part of the sales go toward keeping this channel up and running.

Lastly, about tabbing out the song.  I listened very closely for the guitars.  There are no isolated tracks out there so I found that the 12 string mixed with the acoustic intro was really messing with my head when trying to separate the two.  It was a good challenge that I enjoyed.  Don and Joe don’t play the solos exactly the same way live.  I took a look at some of their fingering positions live because it’s hard to get those right 100% of the time.  I took my best educated guesses where on the fretboard they would be playing the licks.  The harmony part in measure 102 they play differently live.  Don plays the harmonies up higher but the way I have it tabbed is a little more representative of the studio recording.  As well as the outro.

Hope you all enjoy this and learn from the tab if you like the video.  Are there any more classic rock staples left to post on the page?  Leave a comment below!

Original Artist: 
The Eagles
Release Date:
Hotel California

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Backing Track Video

Here is the backing track video for Hotel California, with my main rhythm and solo tracks removed. This will make it easier to jam along with the The Eagles cover recording lesson, and still be allow you to read the guitar tab. For even more control, check out the Hotel California isolated tracks below. 

Hotel California was recorded in Standard tuning.
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Tone are available as .AT5P Amplitube files (Get Amplitube 5 Max now!

DownloadABLE  AMplitube TOnes

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Tone Screenshots

Here are some of my screenshots, so that you can see exactly how I achieved my Hotel California guitar tones. I matching the solo and rhythm section tones from the The Eagles recording as closely as possible. Patrons can reach out with any tone questions you may have.

12 String Intro


Lead Guitar 1


Lead Guitar 2

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Isolated TRACKS (mp3)

Here are the drums, bass and other background tracks to jam along to Hotel California. I've also included all of my isolated guitar tracks in case you really want to hear what's going on. Isolated tracks are normally very difficult to find online, and can be very helpful in cracking a difficult solo tab.
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