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Hey guys. Thanks for requesting this hit Megadeth songs from their 97 album, Cryptic Writings. This is a really cool song and for the most part, the riffs are fairly easy to play. I’d like to point out a few things about the song and the direction I took with the tab. The intro has a build up at the beginning and Marty’s guitar is really far back in the mix. So it was a challenge to pick out the rhythms that he was picking.

I decided to go by a live take and observed what he was playing at the Howard Stern party and you can search this up in google. It was an awesome performance. In the studio take, it’s difficult to hear what Marty is playing in the second parts of the verses. It’s buried in the mix a lot. I’ve seen some tabs and disagree with them. For example in measure 74 – 75, I have 9th and 8th fret tabbed out but I see 12th and 12th tabbed out on the same strings in other tabs which I don’t think sounds right. And I can’t really confirm exactly what positions Marty is playing his parts because the camera is never on him in any of the live videos on YouTube. I went through a bunch and couldn’t find any so I took my best educated guess as to what I thought he was playing in the background.

The last run of the solo (measure 135-136) I’ve also seen tabbed wrong many times and the positions changing very awkwardly played. At this link, go to 3:03 and you can see that Marty keeps his hand in the same position. In the second last measure, I played the riff but up the octave because it sounded like that out on the studio recording. But now come to think of it, that could have been the string section. In any case, I thought it was still fun to play. You can either keep that open with an improv, play what I played there, or the main riff in its usual position. I had a lot of fun tabbing this out, playing it, and mixing it.

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Backing Track Video

Here is the backing track video for Trust, with my main rhythm and solo tracks removed. This will make it easier to jam along with the Megadeth cover recording lesson, and still be allow you to read the guitar tab. For even more control, check out the Trust isolated tracks below. 

Trust was recorded in Standard tuning.
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Tone Screenshots

Here are some of my screenshots, so that you can see exactly how I achieved my Trust guitar tones. I matching the solo and rhythm section tones from the Megadeth recording as closely as possible. Patrons can reach out with any tone questions you may have.

Lead Guitar


Rhythm Guitar

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Isolated TRACKS (mp3)

Here are the drums, bass and other background tracks to jam along to Trust. I've also included all of my isolated guitar tracks in case you really want to hear what's going on. Isolated tracks are normally very difficult to find online, and can be very helpful in cracking a difficult solo tab.
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