Still Got the Blues (live)

By: Gary Moore

Hey Everyone! Before I include some notes about the video, I want to give a shout out to PRS for sending me out the guitar for this video. It is an SE McCarty 594 and besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at, it sounds and plays amazing. This is the best guitar for me personally because it has the tones of single coils and humbuckers with the push/pull knob feature. I will 100% be using this for my cover band gigs. I also have to note that I didn’t have to keep re-tuning it for this video. Because of how PRS position their tuners on the headstock, this guitar doesn’t have the tuning issues that many other guitars do because of their design flaws. I strongly recommend this guitar because of all that I have noted and also because it is affordable.

What great timing! We have hit 500K subscribers and this song has been requested for some time. I had a lot of fun learning this and tabbing it out for you all to learn. I really hope you enjoy learning this tune. Besides Gary Moores killer vibrato, he also has amazing chops so this is definitely a challenge. I did do a couple of things differently for this video and I will note them. In the first verse, I gently strum the chords to kill dead air and space. Moore doesn’t play this live and his backing band takes over.

Start strumming in measure 13 if you want to do it exactly like he does. I am also using the bridge pickup for the verses and choruses except for when I break out a lead. I felt this was a better sound for me personally but Moore uses his neck pickup for those parts. And that’s really it! I studied his finger positions from about 3 of his live videos because I couldn’t see them all in the live in Hamburg video. And took very educated guesses on his scale positioning if I was unsure. I really feel that this is an accurate tab.

Original Artist: 
Gary Moore
Release Date:
Still Got the Blues (live)

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Still Got the Blues (live) PDF Guitar Tab -

Backing Track Video

Here is the backing track video for Still Got the Blues (live), with my main rhythm and solo tracks removed. This will make it easier to jam along with the Gary Moore cover recording lesson, and still be allow you to read the guitar tab. For even more control, check out the Still Got the Blues (live) isolated tracks below. 

Still Got the Blues (live) was recorded in Standard tuning.
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DownloadABLE  AMplitube TOnes

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Tone Screenshots

Here are some of my screenshots, so that you can see exactly how I achieved my Still Got the Blues (live) guitar tones. I matching the solo and rhythm section tones from the Gary Moore recording as closely as possible. Patrons can reach out with any tone questions you may have.

Lead Guitar

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Isolated TRACKS (mp3)

Here are the drums, bass and other background tracks to jam along to Still Got the Blues (live). I've also included all of my isolated guitar tracks in case you really want to hear what's going on. Isolated tracks are normally very difficult to find online, and can be very helpful in cracking a difficult solo tab.
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